• From bin collections to benefits, tourism to transport.

    Welcome to our all-singing, all-dancing

    borough council website.

  • From bin collections to benefits, tourism to transport.

    Welcome to our all-singing, all-dancing

    borough council website.

Back to Work The challenge

So much content. So many different people. Our challenge was simple. Provide an easy to use online resource for residents. In the process, we proved council websites needn't be cluttered or tough to navigate.

The process


First, we got to grips with the full breadth of existing content on the Fylde Borough Council website. We had a good look at how users interacted with the council online. Second, we prioritised the content into groups and mapped out new page templates, along with a new content structure. This meant we could create a site structure that would be much quicker and easier for residents to navigate around.


We wanted to create a site that felt like part of the community. Thanks to panoramic shots of local landmarks, the new design created the perfect home for Fylde residents. Meanwhile, we also developed a two-tiered interface for the site. This gave users a choice on how they wanted to navigate around the site. We gave them two options. For people who know what they're looking for, a clean and simple keyword search. For those who want to explore the options, a classic view navigates using links.


The success of the site would depend on excellent usability and accessibility. So while we were developing our templates, we worked to a strict set of build guidelines. We also joined forces with the lovely people in the Web Labs content management team, developing some seriously nifty desktop and mobile platforms.

A happy customer

Working with Studio North was a refreshing change – we built up a quick rapport with the team which allowed us to constructively challenge our current website and look differently at how our content was displayed and accessed. We bounced ideas off each other and started a journey that involved radically changing our site looking at structure, content and design. We now have a website that is regularly praised by residents, mobile access to cater for the next generation of council service users and a structure that is sustainable and manageable in the long term.
The overall experience working with Studio North was excellent and it produced a fantastic asset that everyone involved is proud of.

Andrew Cain

Fylde Borough Council

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