• Modernising a well respected 

    180 year old business

    without losing its rich heritage.

  • Modernising a well respected 

    180 year old business

    without losing its rich heritage.

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Behrens are a well-respected independent textile business steeped in a 180 year history. From their early days in fabric manufacturing through to the global textiles sourcing & supply business they are today, there was a remarkable story to tell.

The process


With nearly 180 years of trading history, Behrens had been around since the early days of UK dominated fabric manufacturing and innovation. It all started in 1834 with one man, Sir Jacob Behrens. A man with a vision of product quality, service and integrity. A philanthropist who worked tirelessly to help improve local education & healthcare along with setting up the Halle Concert Society.


Our strategy was to re-focus the business on its rich heritage and align the brand to its original purpose. In the case of Behrens that was product quality, service and their utmost value, integrity. 180 years ago their business was built on virtue, 180 years on that very same value would form the basis of our brand strategy.


We worked with Behrens to help them establish their product brand architecture, which in recent years had become disjointed and complex.

The Behrens brand name would once again feature prominently across all products categories and everything was brought in line. A new identity range was created which included new product packaging, marketing materials and website (coming soon).

A happy customer

As a long-standing, family owned business with a traditional approach to business. The prospect of starting a re-branding process was quite daunting for us. However, having met with several agencies to discuss our needs, we made the decision to work with Studio North almost before we had concluded our initial meeting with them.

Their empathy, understanding and genuine interest in our company was very clear. They listened to our plans and then worked with us to bring them to life, constantly making insightful and thought provoking suggestions throughout the process to ensure that we would achieve the best results.
After nearly 180 years in existence, we found that pulling together the diverse aspects of our business into a cohesive and monolithic brand structure was quite a challenge, but the professional, creative and strategic approach of the Studio North team ensured that we developed a brand identity that we can be very proud of and one that will help to drive our company interests forward.

They have also worked with us to create a brand new website and I am very much looking forward to an ongoing working relationship with them that I know will be both stimulating and rewarding. I would not hesitate to recommend the talents of Studio North to anyone considering similar projects.

Gareth Holmes

Business Development Manager

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