Round our way

Ancoats. The world’s first industrial suburb. And a rugged urban backdrop to our place of work.

We’re immensely proud of the brand experience we deliver. And based on some pretty dazzling feedback, we’re currently researching a potential brand franchise roll-out in other cities. That’s right. Northern Warmth is going global.

But let’s not forget where we come from, the place that we love. History oozes from every cobble round these parts. It was once a throbbing hub of the industrial revolution and home to many immigrant communities such as the Italians and Irish in the late 20th century.

Nowadays, it’s a hub for lots of creative types like us. Yet the heritage of the place never ceases to bring a lump to our throats. And while you can’t move for regeneration projects, there’s still a distinct ‘cottonopolis’ feel to the surrounding streets.

At the risk of sounding all arty, we’ve commissioned some photography to capture the impressive, contrasting Ancoats landscape. Drop by sometime and you’ll see it hanging on the walls.