Effective branding starts with effective thinking. First we find out everything we can, then we distil it down to one core, but very potent thought.

We research, then we refine
The shovel is at the ready. To wind up with a well-informed and well-analysed basis for moving forward, we need to do lots of spade work. Finding out as much as we can about your company, your customers, competitors, the market; everything that has a bearing on your brand. Then we distil everything down into a simple, concise expression that creates an immediate sense of what your brand is and stands for. We call this your ‘brand essence’. This clear, concise thinking then forms the basis of your brand strategy.

Brand identity

Our team of creatives bring their skills together to create the visual and verbal combination that expresses your brand essence exactly.

Everything revolves around your brand
Branding is a particular passion of ours. But, looking good isn’t enough; we help create brands that mean business. Our experience and expertise covers all aspects of brand development, from creating an entirely new brand, to refining a dated one or resurrecting an ailing one. Your brand is the lynch pin for your entire communications strategy; so it’s got to be right. (No pressure then). But as one of our key considerations is how to integrate your branding across different media, we know it will be.


We’ll think about how to implement your brand across all applications, and how to gauge response. In fact, we’ll think of pretty much everything.

Creating your brand experience

We get a particular kick out of putting our hard work into practice and we can develop a brand communications plan, identify the communications toolkit you need, design, write and produce every last piece, from websites to emails to brochures to ads to packaging to … you name it. Even when the job’s complete and your new brand is out there doing its thing, we don’t rest on our laurels. We’ll review and evaluate your activity, looking at ROI, awareness levels and customer perceptions to measure how effective the project has been. And we can use these insights to help plan for an even more successful future.

Our services at a glance

• Brand strategy
• Brand identity
• Naming
• Identity guidelines
• Brand awareness
• Brand communications planning